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A majority of business activities are controlled by contracts. Contracts are an integral part of every business. You may be a start-up or a major corporation You're likely to be dealing with numerous agreements like partnership agreements, non-disclosure agreements general employment contracts equipment and property contracts The list of contracts is endless. How effectively are you managing them? Do you depend on paper and spreadsheets or other obsolete systems? Are you thinking about changing to contract management systems? If yes, then this article is for.

contract management

Before investing in a contract management solution, ensure that you review the seven issues to avoid common pitfalls.

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Does the program come with AI capabilities?

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With the abundance contract information, ensuring that there is a uniform approach in managing contracts and getting essential information to be accessed is major challenges. Organizations may not have a common method of organizing contract databases. You may have several procurement contracts with varying renewal dates and renegotiation dates. Representatives from your team will likely to be tasked with in tracing, reviewing and recording the information to ensure that no opportunities are left unnoticed. Instead, if you opt for an AI-powered contract management system, the task can be completed in minutes. By using Doc.AI capabilities, important information such as names of contracts, renewal dates, negotiation terms can be extracted. This makes it much easier to do reviewing, approvals, and sign-offs.

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Then there's more to it. In addition, advanced contract management systems that incorporate AI capabilities can help review contracts, review clauses, as well as classify contracts by the type of clauses. AI-powered CMS can aid in staying in line with the evolving regulations. NLP analyses every document to highlight the threats and opportunities.

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Are there standard templates for contract creating and editing?

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The process of drafting contracts is among the most challenging tasks. You can imagine just how laborious it would be to create documents with similar clauses or terms and conditions words, and basically identical content a lot of times. And this is why your CMS should include templates that are simple to use and clause libraries in many areas. Utilizing these templates which have been approved by your legal and editorial teams, you are able to quickly draft contracts without any issues with language. Plus, a provision to standardize and centralize contracts provides you with a 360 degree view of the contracts to trace them using filters you can alter and collaborate with other colleagues to review their edits, and to store.

What is the ROI potential? How much could my company reduce costs?

The savings numbers are one of the major factors in helping you determine whether you should decide to invest in a contractual management method or no. A study by Goldman Sachs concluded that an automated contract management system can increase the speed of negotiations by 50 percent, reduce payment mistakes by 75 to 90 percent, lower the cost for managing contract by 10 to 30 percent , and cut down the staff needed to manage contracts of 10 to 20 percent. Yes, contract management certainly can be a cost-effective optionif used properly.

Ideally, you must consider factors such that the time spent on audits and tracking renewal dates, decrease in disputes over contracts and new opportunities and reduction of sales cycle.

Does the solution have the ability to be adapted?

Most of the companies in today's market boasts to offer an answer that is customized to meet the demands of every business. But is it always true? Instead of spending money for customizing, you should first understand the process workflow, critical steps needs to be modified, consider options using more precise questions.

For example: in a typical workflow for managing contracts when the writer drafts the documents and the system processes it, it automatically sends it to the approver. In addition to this standard functionality, a different approach could include an email that contains the document's document URL, and sent to the person who approves. It should also be compatible or be compatible with every device, including smartphones tablets and computers.

In the same way highly customizable software can create a complicated and cumbersome to use, and the simplicity may also prove too little. Thus, it's always prudent idea to study the advantages and the sophistication of the person who will be using the software and then decide on the best way to customize.

What are some particular features or features that will reduce manual labor?

As part of a contract administration system, agreements are kept in a secure, centrally located and searchable archive with user-based access. This ensures maximum compliance and large-scale reporting. For instance, contracts could be easily traced, and the procedure of reviewing and signing is made easier by e-signatures. A different example would be measures and data analytics. To obtain information on how long it took negotiating a contract, users are able to easily identify obstructions, as well as the number of times it was necessary to iterate and produce comprehensive reports. It will also help by adding clause libraries, gain insight into past performance, and improving the length of the contract cycle.

Another essential feature to search for are contract redlining or editing. Redlining refers to highlighting text to signal changes, additions or deletions, as well as approvals and rejections. This feature can be useful, especially in situations where two or more people want to work on the identical document in a collaborative manner. This feature gives more flexibility when reviewing andnegotiating contracts.

How simple is it to set up and use?

A contract management application that is user-friendly and simple to use features will enjoy the admiration of your users. To gain maximum advantage, when you are deploying it, try to integrate it with existing systems that reduce the period spent switching between platforms. Examples, for example, integrating CRM to the new contract software could aid sales professionals to automate input customer information, generate contracts and route them for approvals, in addition to being in control of the renewals, expirations and other dates.

The next step is checking for the onboarding process. Great if it is something that is available out of the box so that you are able to start to go live and be operational within a short time. Remember long deployment cycles are not viable anymore.

7. How will your private information be secure?

The last but not least, data security is of paramount importance. Because contracts contain highly sensitive and sensitive data It is imperative to secure them from unauthorized access to earn the trust of the people you trust which includes partners, vendors or customers. Additionally, the increase in cyber-attacks and threats put companies at danger of legal branding, financial and legal liabilities. If you are about to maintain the trust of your top business relationships make sure that the provider has not suffered any serious security attacks.

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